who we are?

we are production design company

we design

we make what we love

we ❤ what we do

we are working all over the europe.


our production design team

mam.art is built on amazing people. and while we definitely are smarter than we look (it’s not difficult), we all pride ourselves on being humble and down-to-earth. our ethos is simple – there is always room to learn, grow and improve.

today, our team consists of no more nor no less than 8 intelligent, uber nice, supertalented, diverse and creative individuals that are united in their passion to produce beautiful and results-driven creative work.

whether its people we work for, or people who work for us, we value honesty, passion and the desire to explore.

boys and girls

(not brian ferry’s but mam.art’s)

maja moravec

co-founder & ceo
production designer
genius versatile girl

00386 40 161 800

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robert tudjina

mechanical engineer
co-founder & procurator
tough guy

00386 31 880 682

mojca crnic

production designer
brilliant girl

00386 40 399 965

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tina zaponsek

art director
good girl

00386 51 355 686

saso zepuhar

civil engineer
art director assistant
smiling boy

00386 41 766 445

maja j

maja jaksa

art director assistant
special girl

00386 40 799 950

mojca m

mojca mravinec

art director assistant
modest girl

00386 40 942 232

tina s 1

tina skubic

head of mam.prop
hard working girl

00386 31 860 154