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production design company

on a mission to turn the worst day of the week into the best one. we create out of this world movies and commercial sets and unique visual identities. we can tickle the brain, please the eyes and connect the hearts of brands to the hearts of their consumers.

what we have done so far?

TV series
music videos

but the real question is, what don’t we do?

for starters, we don’t do dental anesthesia, horseback riding lessons. not even building intergalactic highways through the universe. we avoid soil conservation, or beekeeping. instead, we specialize in production design. we can setting the most amazingly fantastical movie and commercial sets.

sketches and plans

some of the projects for reconciliation with the client are first started with sketches, followed by technical drawings as well as the preparation of files for the production of scenographic pieces on cnc machines


of course, for communication with the client we also make visualizations. sometimes less, sometimes a lot. we have combined all of our creative backgrounds to produce an experience tailored to your specific needs.

set photos

when we can, we also take a photo of our set as a souvenir

moving pictures

the final product of our cooperation in the field of art department on projects are moving images. we take our craft seriously. originality, quality, detail, storytelling. it’s what we do.

our production design team



maja moravec
production designer


robert tudjina


tina zaponšek
production designer


alma jaketič
art director


darjan moravec
art director assist.


anja zabavnik
art director assist.


tina skubic
props manager

contact us

mamart, scenografija in oblikovanje, d.o.o.
podklanec 7, 8344 vinica, slovenia
mobile: 00386 40 161 800
tax number: si 59040823
ba: iban si 56 3400 0101 7647 152 (sparkasse d.d..)